Transportation Information

Transportation can be one of the more challenging aspects of school be we the parent, the student or the district.  Each change creates a dynamic puzzle to be solved.

As part of registration process, you will be asked to verify information about how your child gets to and goes home from school regardless of whether they use district-provided transportation or not. While this information allows us to efficiently update the rural routes and the in-town bus stops, it also provides us with more current information about how all students get to and from school. You will also be asked to acknowledge review of student behavior expectations found below.

Parents of rural students will be contacted through e-mail and text on or before August 21, 2017 as to the assigned route and pick-up time of their student(s).  Please note that several of routes will need to be adjusted for upcoming construction at the Wapsipinicon River Bridge on HWY 1. This is anticipated to occur very near or shortly after the start of school.  We will keep you posted of these changes as they become available.

For rural routes, should your children not be riding the bus on a specific day or days, we would appreciate a call to the bus garage (462-2392).  Please feel free to leave a message.


Whenever it is necessary to call off school because of bad weather or impassable roads, we will work to make an announcement on or before 6:30 a.m. through Infinite Campus Messenger and on local television and radio stations listed below.

KCRG AM 1600 WMT FM 95.7 KHAK 98.1 KISS 96.5WMT AM 600

If it is necessary to call off school during the school day, announcements will be made in the same way.


In-town bus stops are provided for the convenience of students and families. Locations and approximate pick-up times are found below.

AM Stops
LocationBus NumberPick-up Time
Corner of Mills St. and Jones St.All Grades- Bus # 97:45 AM
St. Patrick's ChurchSH and AMS- Bus # 17
AHS- Bus# 16
7:45 AM
7:50 AM
Old West Middle School (District Offices)SH- Bus #1
AMS and AHS- Bus #18
8:00 AM
7:50 AM
Lawrence Community CenterSH- Bus #11
AMS and HS- Bus #10
7:55 AM
7:55 AM
Walnut St. by Dental ClinicAll Grades- Bus #57:45 AM
SH to AMS or AHSAll Grades- Bus #107:50 PM
PM Stops
LocationBus NumberDrop-Off Time
Corner of Mills St. and Jones St.All Grades- Bus # 93:30 PM
Corner of Ford St. and Cedar St.SH- Bus #17
Grades 5th-7th- #18
Grades 8th-12th-#8
3:35 PM
3:35 PM
3:30 PM
Old West Middle School (District Offices)SH- Bus #1
AMS and AHS-Bus #20
3:30 PM
3:20 PM
Lawrence Community CenterSH- Bus #11
AMS and AHS- Bus 3
3:35 PM
3:20 PM
Walnut St. by Dental ClinicAll Grades- Bus # 53:30 PM
To AHSBus #113:30 PM


Student Behavior Expectations

Below find the information detailing expectations for students when riding buses or other vehicles operated by the Anamosa Community School District.  We are committed to the safe, convenient transportation of all of the children.   Please review these rules with your children and impress upon them the importance of complete cooperation with their bus driver. You will be asked to acknowledge this review during the E-registration process.

The driver is responsible for the bus as well as for the students riding the bus.  The behavior of the students is everyone’s responsibility.  Students are expected to follow the rules on the bus and follow the directions of the driver of the bus.  Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.  The driver has the authority to assign seats and has been instructed to follow the District’s discipline policy.  District staff will make contact with the parents as necessary to ensure that policies and rules are followed. If efforts to obtain a student’s cooperation fail, transportation privileges may be withdrawn.

The physical act of driving the bus in a safe manner requires all of the driver’s attention.  Good conduct by students avoids accidents which may occur if the driver is distracted and reduces the chances of pupils injuring themselves or others. We appreciate your support  by reviewing these documents.


Transportation letter board policies


Conduct While Boarding. Conduct While Riding the Bus